What's in a Name?

Squeeze Spot

You named your company what?

Squeeze Spot. Not sweet spot or squeeze box, Squeeze Spot. If you want to call us Squeeze for short we don't mind.

So where did this name come from and why?

Lets start with who we are and what happens in the space we call Squeeze Spot.

We are fun. We are honest. We like to be creative and to offer the opportunity to drink at any thing we do; well anything that doesn't include kids, but we'll get to that later. We wanted to create a community around our fun crazy ideas like coloring, Lego-ing, and throwing darts at paint, but we have kids and we know they steal all the fun sometimes. So we like to say we squeeze a lot of fun into one spot, but really there's more.

It comes back to college days. Owners Moe and Tina spent many days and nights throwing passion into hand crafted projects that didn't always fare so well during the critique; but the nights of drinking beer or wine and painting were well worth the reward of standing back with pride and saying “I completed that, and it's not so bad.” As life goes with college, the extra high moments and extra low moments tend to create this comical perspective when one is able to step back. During one of those epiphanies, we attempted the idea of a game where “the worst story wins”, and when Life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and call it SQUEEZE!

Printmaking, Metals, Typography, Photography, Oils, Acrylic, Watercolor, Art History, Arts Education, Graphic Design, Ceramics,...... lead us to the final class in the final semester where the quote came about in a History of Photography class; “What are you doing with the rest of YOUR life?”, “I don't know, what are YOU doing?” We'll just say a FEW years later and here we are as business owners.

But why name a wine and paint company Squeeze Spot?

Well why not?

Really, it represents a time of pure creation where projects were subject to the opinions of peers and not the “real world” where life gives you lemons and it's ok to throw darts at those lemons! Because sharing the process of creating things with your own hands and saying F*#K yeah, is something to be celebrated. So we say, take a break from the things that matter and have fun! Make sure you “Squeeze it into your schedule”  - We can be 'punny' too ;)

Oh and Kids, they're pretty cool too, and we like to introduce all that fun stuff like pastels, watercolor, acrylic, printmaking, robotics building, and fun projects because if we had not been challenged as kids to create outside of the classroom, we wouldn't be where we are today! So yes, kids are a very important start. But we leave out the alcohol!

It's safe to say we are making lemonade out of life, and we want you to join our Squeeze community.

Oh and Spot, well, turns out Squeeze was taken by a dishwashing detergent. But we love our Spot, so Squeeze Spot it is!